Monday, August 30, 2010

I think I'll blog about music...

So I like a pretty wide variety of genres when it comes to music. The only type of music I don't listen to at all is Hardcore/Death Metal type stuff. This is my favorite song atm, it's by Pedro the Lion and titled Priests and Paramedics. It's a few years old, and really quite sad and depressing. I am in a great mood lately however. It's just that I find the lyrics brilliant. This is the only version I could find that wasn't live, and for some reason it has the lyrics in the video in an Asian language, so I will post the lyrics for our English speaking friends! Listen and enjoy!

Paramedics brave and strong
Up before the break of dawn
Putting poker faces on
Broken bodies all day long
The neighbors heard a fight
Someone had a knife
It must have have been the wife
Husband's lost a lot of blood
He wakes up screaming
"Oh my God, am I gonna die?
Am I gonna die?"
As they strapped his arms down to his sides
At times like these they'd been taught to lie
"Buddy just calm down, you'll be alright"

Several friends came to his grave
His children were so well-behaved
As the priest got up to speak
The assembly craved relief
But he himself had given up
So instead he offered them this bitter cup
"You're gonna die, we're all gonna die
Could be twenty years, could be tonight
Lately I have been wondering why
We go to so much trouble to postpone the unavoidable
And prolong the pain of being alive"


  1. dude sweet song man
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  2. YAYYY!!! Music for the WIN! XD

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  4. songs pretty dece.

  5. Nice song indeed, thanks for sharing!

  6. I used to not like death metal/hardcore but after a long transition I actually learned to like the intensity :)